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Ink promotes a strategic approach to digital advertising with a focus on growth, sustainability and customer journey.

About Us

Who We Are ?

Since its inception, ink worldwide has been developing an ecosystem of related products to provide a 360° monetization solution to publishers.

about us

Ink worldwide provides advertising tools, technologies, and services to content creators using our high-value formats, quality ads, and innovative publisher tools to help grow their business while keeping people engaged. We provide publishers with a whole stack of monetization solutions that turns their digital space into a powerful, yield-generating advertising funnel.

our goals

We empower publishers by optimizing their monetization strategy. We acknowledge the value of authentic storytelling and so do the buyers that work with us. We believe in healthy relationships between publishers and advertisers that support transparent advertising and net neutrality.

our values

INK was born from a legacy behind a great purpose, focusing on the question: how to make advertising simple? We leverage our resources for good, within the new normal, we consider our past and address the present in building a digital revenue management solution that leads with curiosity.

Why INK?

Full-service ad revenue partner
Boost your revenue potential
Outcome-driven solutions rather than off-the-shelf

Meet Our Team

Patrick Samaha


Vidhan Shetty

Head of Ad Tech

Marah Abuamrieh

Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager

Jinane Younes

Client Relationship Manager

Gaurav Ramesh

Business Analyst

Archana Prasad

Financial Executive

Pia Mayenkar

Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Officer

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