Talk to Yourself First

Dear Me;

Would you ever start writing like this? To yourself? ✔

Why not?

Don’t let people limit your creativity 🎨 ; whether you are creative or not, you will have supporters and haters, just facts of life…

When you write to yourself as an audience 🎭 , it can be a powerful and reflective practice, which makes it genuine and truthful. 
It allows you to reflect, express your thoughts and emotions, and gain insights about yourself. I call it “My writing meditation”! 🧘‍♂️

Some ideas on how to do it and make it appealing:

1- Set a comfortable environment where you feel most comfortable (I use my office 🏢 , I know, pathetic) any ideas?

2- Make it clear why you are writing ✒ ; for me, I’d like to share thoughts about what crosses my life in business and just by living!

3- Be open and authentic in expressing your feelings, desires, challenges, and aspirations. (like this post, I guess)!

4- I love asking questions ❓! Now, with Ai, it’s just amazing; even I did a post about “asking questions”!

5- Don’t worry too much about what people may think. If you are good, people will like it; if you are not, they will learn to. 😎

6- Keep it light and meaningful, don’t complicate things. 

This is a form of therapy 💊 , and practice makes it perfect.
Live your life with the thought that everyone will always be practicing and hopefully will get there; you will feel better about yourself! Once you start, you will create a safe space for self-expression or self-discovery, just enjoy your time and do it with good intentions, and always be positive ➕ .

Adha Mubarak Everyone 🙏 and Goodluck!


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