How do you like your coffee?

OK, I like coffee ☕ maybe twice a day, which made me wonder, what makes coffee unique? 🤔

Then again, metaphorically speaking, let’s apply a rule between a good coffee and running a business; let me share some ideas. 💡

First, Beans: 🥇
The quality of the beans represents the employees, systems, and services you have; without them, no one would want to do business with you, so ensure you choose the best, since quality intakes lead to quality outcomes.

2- Balance: ⚖
The right proportions between coffee, water, and milk are essential. As in business; allocation, time management, and finances significantly impact your success.

3. Timing: ⏲
When you launch a product or expand when to invest. Miscalculating timing can be as damaging to a business as over-brewing coffee.

4. Be Consistent: 🔝
Or be better; every cup should taste the same or better. Likewise, in business, consistent execution can help you build a robust reputation.

5. The Exposition: 📽
How coffee is served! Like when you see a tulip (like mine on the foam), or add a nice lotus biscuit maybe a message, builds a positive experience. Also, in business, branding, customer service, setup, etc….

But all the above will only work if there is PASSION 😍 for what you do!

My favorite coffee is an Oat Milk Cortado; what’s yours? 😁


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