Are you hungry?

Well, I had a great lunch with Christian El Khoury today, we had a great Burger, then it hit me, so let me tell you about this cool way of building your business deliciously 😁, while keeping in mind every ingredient that represents aspects of your business.

I call it: The BURGER 🍔 metaphor!

1- The Bun – Vision & Mission: 
It’s the cover of your business. 
The top side is your vision (where you’re going). 
The bottom bun means your mission (what you’re here to do), 
Like that, both carry the structure of your company while everything else is in place!

2- Patty 🥩 – The Product: 
This is the meat (or core) of your business. 
Your USP and why you have customers! 
It must be high-quality and fill a need in your market.

3- Cheese 🧀 – Value Proposition: 
This makes your business unique, like excellent customer service. Remember, the cheese melts into the patty, making it more mouthwatering. It adds value!

4- Lettuce – Efficiency:
The freshness of the lettuce reflects your operations. Such as effective systems and processes ensure your business runs smoothly.

5- Tomato 🍅 – Marketing and Sales Strategy: 
Why do tomatoes represent Marketing? It adds flavor to a burger, and well-executed marketing and sales strategy bring liveliness to your business. Trust me, it’s attractive!

6- Onion 😭 – Finance: 
Onions make you cry, and so does Financial management; whether happy tears or sad ones, they are necessary!

7- Sauce – People and Culture: 
The sauces of the company! Just brings everyone and everything together.

8- The Packaging – Legal : 
Always ensure everything is kept together, legal, and tidy so you don’t mess things up!

Making the perfect burger and building a successful business take time. It requires patience, and continuous refinement to make your business the best it can be.

Hope you had a great lunch, mine was spectacular at Cafe Belge The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre

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