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Ink worldwide came to life in 2020 amidst a global pandemic. Most companies were downsizing, while we were building a team from scratch. The pandemic taught us that now is the time to be present, relevant, and human.

For starters, everyone at ink worldwide is a partner or a shareholder. Our name is ink because we want to be everywhere. We want to help everyone. We want to grow and extend our knowledge to publishers and content creators by providing them with a source of reliable revenue. We aim to support media companies and brands and help them achieve their goals through our experience, network, and partners.


Our Approach

To enhance the commercial side, we need an organized commercial ecosystem embedded within the publisher's website model.

Our role at iww is to recreate and amend website priorities to be more commercially driven. Not all websites are the same; we recognize that. Each requires its diagnosis and we aim to help every site monetize their content and organize their media products to focus on analytics and data management.

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